National Commitments to SDG Transformation


The SDG Summit in September 2023 provided an opportunity to change course and to secure the breakthroughs and momentum needed to achieve the SDGs by 2030.

The SDG Summit in September 2023 provided an opportunity to change course and to secure the breakthroughs and momentum needed to achieve the SDGs by 2030.

To this end, the Secretary-General urged world leaders to deliver a “Rescue Plan for People and Planet” at the Summit including by announcing national and global commitments to drive SDG Transformation in the years ahead.

Government leaders and all stakeholders must step up ambition to drive the transformation needed to deliver the goals and make a positive difference for the future. To this end, Member States, the UN system and all stakeholders were called to deliver a ‘Rescue Plan for People and Planet’ at the Summit, including by announcing commitments and initiatives that will help drive SDG transformation for inclusion and sustainability in the years ahead.


At the SDG Summit 2023, discussions centered on the formidable challenges impeding the global progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Delegates and leaders grappled with the persistent hurdles of insufficient funding, acknowledging the urgent need for increased financial commitments to support sustainable initiatives. Inequality and social justice emerged as critical focal points, recognizing the imperative to address disparities in gender, race, and socioeconomic status. Climate change and environmental degradation posed existential threats, demanding coordinated global efforts to mitigate their impacts. Concerns were raised about political will and effective governance, emphasizing the crucial role of strong leadership in implementing and enforcing policies aligned with sustainable development. Issues related to data collection and monitoring were recognized as fundamental obstacles, highlighting the need for accurate and timely information to track progress. Conflicts, humanitarian crises, and their far-reaching consequences were deliberated upon as substantial impediments to achieving SDGs. The summit discussions underscored the complexity of these challenges and the imperative for collaborative, innovative, and transformative solutions to navigate the path towards a more sustainable and equitable future.


At the SDG Summit 2023, global leaders and stakeholders engaged in dynamic discussions to address pressing challenges and forge solutions in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A key focus centered on fostering increased international cooperation, emphasizing collaboration between governments, international organizations, private entities, and civil society to collectively tackle complex issues. Innovative financing mechanisms emerged as a pivotal solution, exploring avenues such as public-private partnerships and impact investing to fund SDG-related projects effectively. The summit also emphasized the imperative of technology transfer and innovation, seeking to bridge the technological divide between developed and developing nations. Empowering marginalized communities took center stage, advocating for inclusive policies that elevate the voices of those traditionally underserved. Urgent commitments to climate action and environmental protection were reiterated, underscoring the need for sustainable practices to mitigate climate change and preserve ecosystems. Investments in education and healthcare infrastructure were recognized as fundamental, ensuring universal access to quality services in alignment with SDGs related to health and education. The importance of robust data and monitoring systems was underscored, aiming for accurate tracking of progress and informed decision-making. Peacebuilding and conflict resolution were acknowledged as critical prerequisites for stability, enabling advancements across multiple SDGs. Gender equality and women’s empowerment received heightened attention, emphasizing targeted initiatives to redress imbalances. Throughout, a community-led development approach was championed, recognizing the significance of local participation in shaping and implementing initiatives tailored to their unique contexts. The SDG Summit 2023 thus served as a catalytic platform for dialogue, producing comprehensive solutions to propel global efforts toward achieving sustainable development.

The Results

The SDG Summit Acceleration and Accountability Platform showcases the registered initiatives, actions, policies and commitments of Member States and stakeholders, aimed at accelerating progress towards the SDGs and delivering the breakthroughs we need to transform our world by 2030.

Full National Commitments :