Accountability and Grievance Mechanism

Sustainable Development Council (SDC) guiding principles with respect to  Accountability and Grievance Mechanism

Sustainable Development Council (SDC) Accountability and Grievance Mechanism


1. Purpose and Introduction: The Sustainable Development Council (SDC) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of accountability, transparency, and responsiveness. This Accountability and Grievance Mechanism outlines the principles and procedures by which individuals, communities, or stakeholders can voice concerns, provide feedback, or lodge grievances related to SDC’s operations. This mechanism is designed to enhance trust, foster continuous improvement, and ensure that SDC remains accountable to the communities it serves.

2. Scope: This mechanism applies to all SDC employees, interns, fellows, volunteers, representatives (collectively referred to as “SDC Staff”), as well as SDC grantees/awardees, contractors, suppliers, consultants, and their employees, sub-grantees/awardees, and representatives (collectively referred to as “Delivery Partners”) engaged by SDC.

3. Principles of Accountability: SDC is guided by the following principles:

a. Transparency: All SDC operations and decision-making processes are conducted openly, providing stakeholders with clear information about our activities.

b. Responsiveness: SDC is committed to timely and meaningful responses to concerns and grievances raised by individuals or communities affected by our projects.

c. Participation: The participation of stakeholders in decision-making processes is encouraged, fostering inclusive and collaborative approaches.

4. Grievance Submission: Any individual or community with concerns or grievances related to SDC’s activities may submit a grievance through one of the following channels:

a. Online Submission: Utilize the designated online grievance submission form available on the SDC website.

b. Email: Send an email to

c. In Writing: Mail a written grievance to the SDC headquarters.

5. Confidentiality: SDC ensures the confidentiality of individuals raising concerns or filing grievances. Personal information will only be disclosed to those involved in the grievance resolution process on a need-to-know basis.

6. Acknowledgment and Initial Assessment: Upon receipt of a grievance, SDC will promptly acknowledge the submission and conduct an initial assessment to determine the appropriate course of action.

7. Grievance Resolution: SDC is committed to addressing grievances in a fair, transparent, and timely manner. The resolution process may include:

a. Investigation: If necessary, a thorough investigation will be conducted to gather relevant information.

b. Mediation: In certain cases, mediation may be employed to facilitate a resolution between the parties involved.

c. Corrective Action: If the grievance is found to be valid, SDC will take appropriate corrective action and implement measures to prevent recurrence.

8. Communication of Resolution: SDC will communicate the resolution of the grievance to the concerned parties. If the resolution requires corrective action, SDC will provide information on the steps taken.

9. Continuous Improvement: SDC is committed to learning from grievances and feedback. The lessons learned will be used to improve policies, procedures, and project implementation, contributing to continuous improvement.

10. Non-Retaliation: SDC prohibits retaliation against individuals or communities raising concerns or filing grievances in good faith. Any form of reprisal is considered a violation of SDC policies.

11. Reporting and Annual Review: SDC will maintain records of grievances and report annually on the types and resolutions of grievances received. This information will be used to assess the effectiveness of the grievance mechanism and make improvements as needed.

12. Accessibility: Information about the grievance mechanism, including submission channels and procedures, will be readily available and accessible to all stakeholders.

This Accountability and Grievance Mechanism reinforce SDC’s commitment to ethical conduct, transparency, and responsiveness. By providing an accessible and effective mechanism, SDC seeks to build trust, strengthen relationships with stakeholders, and ensure that our projects contribute positively to sustainable development.