Call to Action to Reduce Climate-Induced Loss & Damage

Sustainable Development Council sign’s Call to Action to Reduce Climate-Induced Loss & Damage along with more than 80 entities who are signatories! It includes a wide range from small local organisations, to multinational large organisations, foundations, companies, and scientific institutes.

Climate change is a recognised driver for disasters. Disasters are increasing in severity and frequency, a trend that is likely to accelerate with global climate change and the large-scale degradation of ecosystems, leading to new humanitarian crises. Small- and large-scale disasters cause far-reaching economic and structural disruption and have long-term social and psychological impacts. People and communities around the world already face these consequences of climate-induced loss and damage. In 2020 more than 30 million people were displaced due to climate change. By 2030 the economic losses due to climate change are anticipated to be above 580 billion USD. Very dry areas across the globe have doubled in extent since the 1970s, resulting in increased frequency, severity, and duration of droughts. The effect of climate change are here. We need to reduce the loss and damage in the long and short term. The following policy recommendations have been developed by a diverse cross-section of, from Global North to Global South, from informal community groups to large international organisations, from activists to private sector. It is all informed by the evidence generated by science and academia. Operationalise the Santiago Network

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